Why we rebranded and why we are no longer a marketing agency

rebrand-collageIt’s been a busy few months at tprc. Towers. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed there’s something different about us – we have rebranded. After 48 years, it’s time to bid farewell to The PR Company and say hello to tprc.

So why have we rebranded? Well, it wasn’t easy – walking away from a name with 48 years of heritage and brand awareness was really hard. But, fundamentally, we had outgrown The PR Company as a name. The services we now offer and the benefits we can deliver to businesses go way beyond what most people class as PR.

We are still creating engaging and helpful content to drive people to a client’s website, but we can now turn those visits into contacts, and then nurture those contacts from being leads into customers. So, we don’t really class ourselves as a PR or marketing agency anymore. Sure, that’s a part of the ‘how’ of what we do, but the ‘what’ of what we do is to deliver growth to clients through lead generation and customer acquisition.  We see ourselves more as a ‘growth agency’ rather than a marketing agency.

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When the company was founded in Harrogate back in 1970 there really was only PR and advertising. Whereas the media world has changed immeasurably, the term PR hasn’t really kept apace. Even though – broadly speaking – it encompasses all and any public-facing communications, the perception of PR still very much revolves around building and maintaining relationships with the media.

When I took the reins of the company in 2013, it was very much a local press release and local media event engine. And it was excellent at that and was very well respected for it. But the needs of our clients, both existing and new, were changing rapidly. In the past five years, we’ve put training and personal development at the core of our culture. Dan and I have undertaken all manner of training and certifications in SEO, digital marketing, YouTube marketing, etc, etc, to get to the point where we are a genuine full-service agency.

This year, we embarked on the biggest training programme in the history of the company, to become a certified partner with HubSpot, which has revolutionised how we track and measure content and engage with prospects on behalf of clients. 

So the more I thought it about, the more I knew we had to rebrand. I wanted to reference the heritage of The PR Company, so we’ve chosen the initials tprc. And we’ve gone a simple, elegant font that looks great – and reflects us and what we do.

As well as the rebrand, we taken the chance to really examine our position in the market. Trying to be all things to all people only creates ambivalence so we’ve elected to specialise. Going forward, we’ll be looking to work with B2B firms who want to grow by at least 20% in the next 12 months. Concentrating on this target market is more about who we will be focussing on with our own inbound marketing.

I want to thank everyone – clients and staff past and present – for their part in The PR Company’s story as I look forward to the next chapter in the history of tprc.

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About the Author: Nick Glaves

Nick Glaves

Nick is the managing director at tprc. and highly experienced communications specialist, with an excellent track record in devising, implementing and managing successful strategies.

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